Mild summer evenings can be an opportunity for a getaway for two. Today I decided to surprise my darling. This romantic break will be under the sign of water. River, traditional boat, sunset, shellfish and crustaceans... All the ingredients are there for my beautiful brown to take the bait.

19 p.m.: Seafood platter in the city center

I arranged to meet him at 1 rue de l’aqueduc. When he sees the front of a fishmonger, astonishment can be seen on his face. “Nice facade! “, he tells me. He is right. I also admire the carved wooden sign. We go around the decorated corner to discover a connecting tasting corner.

For me, the oyster bar project was inseparable from that of the fishmonger. It was a priority.

The scale opened the two spaces of the Delights of the Sea three years ago. This former employee of the Fonderies du Poitou was able to bounce back thanks to a passion developed on weekends, when she worked additionally on the markets.

We might as well tell you straight away, we really fell in love with this little restaurant with its southern sea blue walls (12 seats, not counting the terrace set up in the pedestrian zone), for its unpretentious decoration which smells of sea ​​spray, and above all for its seafood of impeccable quality.

No. 3 Cancale oysters, quite fleshy, have a delicious marine flavor. The cooking and seasoning of the langoustines, whelks and shrimps is impeccable. To accompany this feast, we order a glass of Muscadet sur lie. Dry, mineral, straight, the white wine from Domaine de la Grange (Sèvre et Maine) is the ideal guest.

At this time of the evening, we could almost hear the cries of the black-headed gulls! Béatrice announces the homemade dish and dessert of the day (set at €12,50): grilled sea bream, homemade ratatouille and parsley potatoes, then tiramisu. Here, everything is both simple and successful. Iodized break at a rare pearl. I can't wait to come back to taste the paella and the mussels marinière...

The Délices de la Mer oyster bar

 76 rue des Limousins ​​86000 Châtellerault

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 14 p.m., and in the evening by reservation for 2 people or more. Tel: 05 49 90 23 39 or 06 85 45 78 31

21 p.m.: Boat trip on the Vienne

Then I invite my darling for a ten-minute walk to the site of the old arms factory. I know he appreciates industrial heritage, particularly the emblematic Vilmouth Towers, named after the French artist who designed the metal walkways between the two chimneys. It is at the foot of these two towers, on the La Manu canal, that the second part of our romantic getaway will begin. The Jehan Martin is moored there.

The smiling Carole welcomes us. A family and another couple are already comfortably seated outside, at the front of the ship. Finally, I see the captain at the helm, in the covered part. Sea shanties resonate mutedly in the cabin.

Bruno Desmurs and his cabana toue landed in Châtellerault five years ago. Previously, this retired firefighter indulged his passion for inland waterways in Orléans. He notably looked after the traditional boat building sites of the Loire, within an association. On the occasion of an edition of the port festival Vienna Days in Châtellerault, the idea of ​​offering walks on the Vienne was born. The La Manu canal has today become the home port of the Jehan Martin.

Accompanied by his wife Carole, Bruno offers themed walks: “With the family”, “Picnic on the Vienne”, “Châtellerault, Vienne and its history”, “Tasting of local products”, “Towards the Chitré mill » from the mini-port of Cenon-sur-Vienne… I opted for the “Sunset walk”.

The objective of this unusual activity: to allow the general public to discover the city from the river, and Vienna in a different way.

The gruff captain comes alive when it comes to telling the story of his boat, the river and its many bridges. We really appreciated his details and anecdotes which punctuated the journey without weighing it down.

So I learned that the toue cabanée was once used for river transport in the Loire Valley, as well as for salmon fishing. This traditional boat of around ten meters was a pioneer in recyclable vehicles since, once it arrived at its destination, it was often completely dismantled so that its wood could be reused for construction in the building.

The discretion of the engine, the magical lights at the end of the day and the bucolic landscapes contribute to the feeling of calm that this river outing provides. On the water, calm reigns. My darling no longer knows where to turn to capture the most beautiful palette of colors of the setting sun. The moment is magical.

Around the Water, boat trip on the Vienne, La Manu canal pier.

Phone: 06 46 13 03 97

Tuesday to Sunday in July and August, weekends in June and September. By reservation for groups in April and May. Possibility of privatizing the Jehan Martin for an event (maximum 20 people).

22 p.m.: Walk on the quays of Châtellerault

My romantic date ends in style, with a stroll hand in hand on the quays of the Vienne. I could gaze all night at the majestic illuminated Henri IV Bridge, my head on its shoulder...

Have a nice getaway from Châtelleraudaise to all lovers

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