In Grand Châtellerault, users of the social network Instagram are having a great time. The destination is so photogenic!
Some of you asked me if I had any good tips for photos worthy of a real postcard. Hmm, hard to choose. Heritage, river, fauna, flora, unusual… I finally opted for a representative range which, I am sure, will show you its best profile.
You should find what you are looking for in this selection. And impress your followers!
On to my Top 5.




Welcome to one of the most beautiful villages in France! It’s THE most Instagrammed site in Grand Châtellerault, even in the department! From the left bank, you have a breathtaking view of the lower town and the upper town, where a thousand-year-old fortress stands, more than 40 meters above the waters of the Anglin. The rocky spur completes the picture. Classic, but I never tire of it!

Geolocation: Left bank, at rue du pont.

Tip: Depending on where you position yourself in relation to the bridgeAngles-sur-l'Anglin, you can add a charming element to your shot. On the left, the boats of Canoeist, moored in flower petals, constitute a colorful and poetic foreground. On the right, the wheel of the old mill at the foot of the rocky spur adds a little more picturesqueness.



The Manu towers

Châtellerault is famous for its Henri IV bridge, which I love to immortalize with a traditional boat moored under its arch. But there is an industrial site that vacationers know less well, although it is emblematic of the city's history. The former arms factory (“La Manu”) now houses the skate park, the ice rink, the Le Grand Atelier museum…

In 1994, the artist Jean-Luc Vilmouth imagined a metal footbridge connecting the twin chimneys, 45 meters high, to create a belvedere over the city. 
The Manu is a raw and geometric place, ideal for graphic images.

Geolocation: Place des Résistantes de la Manufacture

Tip: I advise you to go there after dark, when the lighting gives a cinematic atmosphere to the place. And at this time, no one will be in the photo!

@reservenaturellepinail ©Valentine Dupont


The Pinail Nature Reserve

THE nature corner par excellence of the destination: a true ode to biodiversity! Shaped by man, this landscape is unique in France, thanks to its 6000 ponds from which millstone was once extracted. Over two kilometers, in the middle of heather and gorse, the discovery trail allows you to observe dragonflies, butterflies, birds, carnivorous plants...

I participated in an exciting guided tour de the Pinail reserve recently. I will tell you about it very soon. 

Geolocation: In Vouneuil-sur-Vienne. Follow the road signs to the car park.

Tip: If you want to capture in your photographer's net a rare dragonfly resting on a water lily, forget the smartphone and take out the zoom.



The troglodyte cliff of Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse

This troglodytic village was occupied at different periods of French history because its limestone rock (tuffeau), formed 90 billion years ago, is easily sculpted. It all starts with Richard the Lionheart in the 12th century. Later, in the 17th century, families of weavers established themselves there permanently.

Today you can observe these abandoned cellars from a walking path.
From experience, I can assure you that the images of this atypical place systematically attract likes on social networks.

Geolocation: Path to the cellars

Trick : For an even more unusual shot, search the troglodyte chapel and its high-perched statue of the Virgin. A real little Lourdes in Poitou!



Les Ormes

The heritage of this town of less than 2000 inhabitants could make many large cities green with envy. First of all, there is the castle in excellent condition, rebuilt by Colbert's uncles in the Age of Enlightenment. In the Historical Monument family, I also ask for La Poste aux Chevaux, a remarkable building which served as a post house in the 18th century.

As well as market halls, a turret overlooking the Vienne, a wash house... My personal favorite: the round bell tower of the neo-Byzantine style church. I can't wait to show you in more detail the village of Ormes in a future article.

Geolocation: Château des Ormes 26, rue Pierre d’Argenson

Trick : If you don't have the chance to visit the castle (open from June to September), don't panic: it is possible to capture the building from its imposing gate. Furthermore, the bank at the level of the wash house offers a bucolic point of view on the church tower (exit the cars parked on the square around the market halls).

I hope this quick overview of my favorite places to distill in Instagram feeds has inspired you.

Last tip: Don't forget to add the hashtag #chatelleraulttourism in the legend. Your image will automatically appear on the home page of the Tourist Office website. The latter will also be able to share your photo from their Instagram account @tourisme_grand_chatellerault

And you, what are your favorite photo spots in Grand Châtellerault?


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