It's the weekend, or the holidays. You check the weather forecast: damn, some showers have decided to show up. I propose you to take the showers on the right side, well sheltered in Grand Châtellerault. Here is five activities, tested and approved, which always put you in a good mood, whatever the weather.

1. Treat yourself to rubber boots

In town or in the countryside, by the water or in the forest, I am always very proud to display my pair of locally made and internationally renowned boots. A master rubber maker since 1853, Aigle settled in Ingrandes-sur-Vienne in 1967. The models are made by hand, a unique know-how in France.

And the good plan, which I recommend to both fishermen and fashionistas, is the factory store Eagle d’Ingrandes. On 600 m², I enjoy shopping for jackets, polo shirts and shoes for my tribe. Always reliable, articles from the previous year can be acquired at attractive prices. A big sale also takes place under the marquee every summer.

Outlet Aigle Route nationale, 10 ZI 86220 Ingrandes-sur-Vienne
Tel: 05 49 02 38 20 Open Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m.

2. Conduct the investigation

In the family, we love trying the escape game adventure. You know, those puzzle games that are played as a team in a closed space. You have to solve a series of puzzles within a given time. Objective: succeed in escaping or accomplishing a mission. So obviously, when ChronoScape – Escape Game at home settled in, we quickly booked a game. The world of “Laboratoire LRS” immediately captivated Hugo. Our teenager's specialty: searching and manipulation. With his father, we devote ourselves more to reflection. And we were not disappointed ! Because this scientific infiltration regularly calls on logic. Its real strengths: the storyline and immersion. So many emotions!

3. Delve into the history of transportation

Grand Châtellerault

A visit to the Châtellerault Museum of Art and Industry will do much more than put you out to dry. At the age of 4, my son Arthur asks me to come back all year round “to see the old cars, the swords and the little theater”.

With his children's words, he perfectly summarizes the three spaces of Grand Workshop.
Collections Car motorcycle Bike illustrate the history of transport, from the first cycles to rare old cars, including the 2 CV or even a beautiful series of scooters.
The room that enlightens us on the shadow theater lifts the veil on the famous cabaret of Montmartre The black Cat, and on its creator from Châtelleraud, Rodolphe Salis. An exciting dive into this mecca of the night in 1881!

I particularly appreciate the architecture of the building, a former royal factory. In particular the glass roofs, under which we imagine the daily life of the workers. The wing of the museum dedicated to the industrial and social history of "La Manu" reveals the weapons manufactured, factory machines, and even the central time clock which was used in 1900! Special mention to the scenography, modern and relevant over the entire 3000 m².

4. Take a wellness break

At the end of the school year, I am often physically and mentally tired. I then aspire to a total disconnection. Let go, recharge your batteries... What a joy to have a moment of relaxation just for yourself!

Less than 30 minutes from Châtellerault, the La Roche-Posay Source spa becomes my summer refuge. During a themed day, I take the time for a reading break between two massages, in a hanging chair or sofa in the lounge area. The real advantages of this thermal spa? The Carré des Sources and its soothing “velvet water”, the location in the heart of a large wooded park, and a very complete treatment menu for well-being and beauty.

Spa Source 58 avenue des Fontaines 86270 La Roche-Posay

David Darrault

5. Create a canvas

I missed dark rooms during confinement. Now there are all good reasons to book a session. It's raining ? No matter, I take Arthur and Hugo to one of the two Châtelleraudais complexes classified as Art et Essai.

Since its opening in 1970, the room Les 400 Coups has become a real institution. An association of enthusiasts screens films for young audiences, as well as hand-picked fiction and documentaries.

In 2014, Kad Merad and Dany Boon in person came to inaugurate the Loft Cinemas. Opposite the Tourist Office, seven screens offer an eclectic program, alternating blockbusters and arthouse films.

The fun starts from the trailers, when you dip your hand into the popcorn cone!

I hope these indoor activities help you happily get through the drops…

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