With a wicker basket under my arm, I like to marvel at the juicy melon from Haut-Poitou, smell the smell of roast chicken, salivate over the famous Chabichou, compose a bouquet of fresh flowers...

After mingling with the curious, I indulge in my little ritual: having a drink on the terrace on the village square. Then I take my tribe for a picnic with seasonal produce gleaned in the morning. Stuffed Poitevin, cheesecake and crushed Poitou are often included.

Because the market, for me, is a bit of all that at the same time: a place of conviviality, where we come to walk with family, stroll, choose, taste, chat, have a coffee...

As the locavore ambassador of Grand Châtellerault, I will take you to stroll through the aisles of my favorite markets. You follow me ?

My 5 favorite markets in Grand Châtellerault
Nicolas Mahu


The must-see: Halles de Châtellerault

In the city center of Châtellerault, Place Dupleix is ​​the historic commercial axis of the city. This is also where the halls of the same name stand today.

Outside as well as inside, the stalls give pride of place to food shops: fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, seafood... To find very fresh: quail eggs and fruit coulis red!
On Saturday morning, an incomparable atmosphere emerges from the stands. The excitement is in full swing as merchants shout out their promotions and customers chat while waiting in line. After the races, the neighborhood bars welcome all these beautiful people for aperitif time.

When? Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings 
Where to extend your stroll after the market? At the pretty bookstore next door To the Classics which has a tea room corner among the books.
Or in the cozy tea room Lemon and Cherry rue Bourbon, for its delicious coffee, tea, chocolate and homemade lemonade (not forgetting the incredible cakes made by Lana).
Where to picnic after shopping? A five-minute walk behind the media library, the
small garden of the castle offers you a view of the Vienne and the Henri IV bridge.
To spread out your checkered tablecloth and feel at the end of the world, walk a little
quarter of an hour in order to reach the Director's Garden site on the the old factory

My 5 favorite markets in Grand Châtellerault


The most picturesque: Pleumartin Market

Under the remarkable 17th century market halls in the heart of the village, the welcome is warm and the pleasure of being there is sincere. Here, the market is an art of living!

Fruits and vegetables, meat, oysters, cheeses, honey, ready-to-wear, shoes, flowers, DIY, Asian products... The choice is wide and varied, like the panel of visitors.

When? Sunday mornings
Where to have a drink after the market? À The Flavor Workshop, original bar-restaurant-flea market, or casually at the Bistrot des Halles.
Where to picnic after shopping ? Five minutes by car or a quarter of an hour by bike, the Saint-Sennery pond extends its arms to you for a peaceful and bucolic interlude.

My 5 favorite markets in Grand Châtellerault


The most committed: Sénillé-Saint-Sauveur Market

The Les Saveurs de Sénillé-Saint-Sauveur association symbolizes the richness of the town's terroir. Organizing a farmers' market quickly became obvious to him.

On the La Foucaudière esplanade in Saint-Sauveur, the offer is as qualitative as it is quantitative. Judge for yourself: sheep and beef, cold meats, poultry, saffron, oils, snails, artisanal jams and pastas, bread, cakes, coffee, teas, vegetables, goat cheeses, wines and beers from Poitou...
I am fan of these local producers many of whom are committed to sustainable development.

When? The last Friday of each month from 16 p.m. 
How to extend the meeting with the producers? By booking a farm tour In the Paradise of Sénillé with Élizabeth and Jérémie Cornu.
Where to picnic after shopping ? Drive five minutes to Place Vaudreching, near the charming Sénillé church. There, a leisure area welcomes families with picnic tables, playground and fitness trail.
The woods of Saint-Sauveur, to the west, are also a good alternative.

My 5 favorite markets in Grand Châtellerault
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The most authentic: Dangé-Saint-Romain market

The old location being under construction, the Saturday gourmet surveyors now meet on the esplanade opposite the town hall. Around ten producers from the surrounding area responded to the call.

To slip into your shopping net: fruits and vegetables, honey, poultry, cheeses, flowers and plants, range of basketry... To finish in style, a visit to the shops The Epi’Curieux (dynamic bakery) and L’Instant Douceurs (very creative pastry chef-chocolate maker) will delight those with a sweet tooth.

When? Saturday mornings
Where to have a drink after the market? To the PMU La Promenade bar for its impeccable welcome.
Where to picnic after shopping ? For a country snack by the water, head to the banks of the Vienne, or the Gros Caillou Lake in Ingrandes, 10 minutes’ drive away.
In Dangé, the Bois de Cuismes opens to walkers with a picnic table adapted for a person in a wheelchair.

My 5 favorite markets in Grand Châtellerault


The most exotic: The Ozon plain in Châtellerault

Get ready to travel outside Poitou! On the most mixed market in Grand Châtellerault, the halal butcher is next to the olive seller; the neighboring delicatessen with the market gardener proud of his colorful peppers…

Thanks to the spices, we witness a real olfactory feast before its time! To wait, there are plenty of tastings.
Kitchen utensils, clothing, accessories, fabrics, aromatic herbs and jams will also be likely to end up at the bottom of your shopping bag!

When? Wednesday mornings
Where to picnic after shopping ? At the edge of forest lake from Châtellerault. A haven of peace and nature seven minutes by car from Ozon (a quarter of an hour by bike).


• Summer night markets of local producers Welcome to the farm, to fill the cupboards of your vacation rental and take the time to cook local recipes.

The agenda of fairs and markets from Grand Châtellerault


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