At home, we have the habit of holding a family council before each vacation. Objective: anticipate activities so that everyone is involved in the program. My darling and Hugo (16 years old) often express their desire for nature jogging. This is how we realized that tourist advice on this topic is rare.

Drawing on our experience, I decided to carry out the investigation in Grand Châtellerault in order to put together an article which, I hope, will satisfy running enthusiasts roaming the region. Ready for a sporty running holiday?

A big thank you to Hélène Robin from the club The Wild Animals of the Woods and to Dany Lourdeau of Lencloître JC 86 for their advice.

Discover the favorite spots of Châtelleraudais joggers…

1. The banks of Vienne at Châtellerault

My husband and my eldest son recommend this short circuit to people looking for a short urban jog on flat ground. Go to the La Manu site and park in the skatepark parking lot if you have a motor vehicle. Let's go for an exotic outing at the water's edge.

©Nicolas Mahu

« Mallards, black-headed gulls and traditional boats meet you along the banks of Vienne. Walk along the quays! », advocates my dear and tender. Arriving at the old railway bridge, you cross to reach the bank on the city center side and “ then benefit from another point of view on the banks et wide sidewalks suitable for runners ". The avant-garde Camille de Hogues bridge allows you to span the river to return to your starting point, the former royal factory.

Ground : bitumen
Distance: about 6 kilometers.
Alternative : For a longer distance on the road, my darling takes La Green Line which links Châtellerault to Loudun over 37 kilometers. Advantages: dry ground when it rains and you can manage your running time easily. “ Perfect for doing interval training and working on your VMA! », enthuses my sportsman husband. Only drawback: the way back will be the same as the way out.
Have to do : The industrial heritage of the site The Manu, with the highlight being the Museum of Art and Industry The Grand Atelier. If you still have energy, the ascent to the footbridge Vilmouth towers will offer you a breathtaking view of the river and its valley. This jogging is also an opportunity to admire the Henri IV bridge, completed thanks to Sully and classified as a Historic Monument.

2. The forest lake in Châtellerault

From the start of the fitness trail, three marked circuits take you into the undergrowth. However, many other paths exist to vary the landscapes, including for distances of 20 or 25 km.

Hélène Robin des Galopins estimates the turn of the forest lake 2,5km away.

What a pleasure to run in this secure bucolic setting, far from the tarmac and cars! If the dish predominates, a few ribs occasionally spice up the journey. In addition, the forest protects both from wind and rain…

Ground : lands
Distance of marked routes: 5 km, 7 km or 12 km
Helene's advice : " For more calm and comfort, avoid Sunday, a favorite day for families and mountain bikers. Our club Les Galopins also has the particularity of offering group outings on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings in addition to the weekend. »
Have to do : The arboretum of the Grand Chêne and its 62 varieties of trees

3. The sand paths of Lencloîtrais

Dany Lourdeau from Lencloître JC 86 turns out to be a gold mine for Running recommendations around Lencloître. So much so that I had difficulty selecting just one circuit!

I finally argued that the best thing was to refer to the routes of the 2022 event of the Paths of the Cloisters. Clicking on this link, you will have the choice between routes suitable for nature runs or trail running. Please note: the paths are not marked because runners sometimes use private woods with the permission of the owners.

« The strength of our territory? Its bumps, its slopes, its paths and its forest trails. It's never monotonous. », the passionate Dany proudly explains to me. “ Also do not hesitate to put on your trail shoes to follow the hiking trail signposted (12,5 km) from Lencloître, towards Mirebeau. A good excuse to see the flamboyant Picol castle. »

Ground : sand
Distances: 9 km, 12,5 km, 18 km or 25 km
Dany's advice : " When it's hot or windy, heading into the woods is especially pleasant. »
 The conventual ensemble and its rose garden, the picturesque monthly fair (1er Monday of each month).

4. The route of the five castles in Thuré

It’s Hélène Robin’s Nature et Patrimoine favorite who hesitated a lot before revealing this spot to me far from the crowds.

Château de la Barbelinière

You must park in the cemetery car park and start by following the De Porche en Porche hiking trail. You then enter the woods and, from the heights, you embrace the Vienne valley.

Ground : lands
Distance: 12 km
Best things to do : In fine weather, tree climbing and paintball Aven'ThuréAll year round, when weather conditions permit, fly with Atlantic Center Hot Air Balloon.

5. On the heights of Vicq-sur-Gartempe

It is in summer, when the banks of the Gartempe are dry and shady, that Hugo and his dad particularly appreciate this outing rich in views and built heritage.

Brosse Castle

Departure is from the town square, heading towards the river. Cross the charming stone bridge and turn right to follow the hiking circuit n°58. « Very quickly, you have a perspective on the slopes of Anglin. Then, in Les Grands Breux, you pass in front of a beautiful stately home and its farm, before a second panorama, this time over Vicq and its hamlets.. » After the pretty village of Robins, you pass the Château de la Brosse. A breathtaking view awaits you on the heights, just before following the Gartempe for almost 2 kilometers, from Gilardière to Charrons.

Ground : lands
Distance: 11 km
Best things to do : Admire an unusual house, the Villa of the Islands at number 6 rue du pont. Take a break at Brosse Castle which houses an organic farm, a shop and a tea room.


  • Sunday February 18: The Fire at the Lake in Châtellerault.
  • Sunday March 10: The Chemins des Cloîtres, in Lencloître.
  • Monday April 1: Half marathon & 10 km Jean-Paul-Cardineau, in Châtellerault.
  • Sunday April 21: The Pinail Race, in Vouneuil-sur-Vienne.
  • Sunday May 5: Strides from Rond du Chêne, in Oyré.
  • June: The Dungeon Course, in La Roche Posay.
  • July : Foulées Vicquoises, in Vicq-sur-Gartempe.
  • September: The Ca Coule de Source Trail, in La Roche Posay.
  • October : Les Foulées Pleumartinoises, in Pleumartin.
  • October November : Zombi'run, in Châtellerault.
  • Sunday, November 17: Les Foulées Bonnimatoises, in Bonneuil-Matours.
  • Sunday, November 24: The Rose Trail, in Antran.
  • December : The Roaring Christmas, in Châtellerault.

How good it is to run in Grand Châtellerault!


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