Installed at Cenon-sur-Vienne, Aurélien, participates in the famous TF1 adventure show, Koh Lanta. Resident of Grand Châtellerault, we wanted to let him speak about his favorite spots and activities in the area.

The town of Cenon-sur-Vienne

Resident's word!

A little over 6 years ago, Aurélien came to settle in Vienne following a change of life.

"We chose Cenon-sur-Vienne because we found the town pretty and close to everything. There are shops, there is Vienne, le Clain, there are parks, games for children and places to play sports, it's a village that spoke to me and my wife a lot."

Aurélien tested Terra Aventura from Cenon-sur-Vienne during the autumn holidays with her children.

We had a great time, even for me to learn a little more about the history of the village, it was super nice"


How did you prepare for Koh-Lanta?

I mainly practiced running, particularly on the Way of Saint-Jacques de Compostela, on the Roman road and in the parks near Cenon-sur-Vienne or in the forest above my home.

I also rode a road bike, well equipped with everything you need for safety, I did it in the morning, I went to Dangé-saint-Romain, I went back and forth, between 30 and 60km. And then also mountain biking towards the Moulière forest and Pinail.

Family spots…

The essentials of Aurélien and his family

We are quite fans with the children, of the Ingrandes park, there is a short walk to take around the lake, there are games, there is a large park with the skate park, the city, a football area .

We also go to the beach at Bonneuil-Matours park, the small beach is very pleasant.

100% natural

Aurélien’s favorite spots

Near Cenon-sur-Vienne, Aurélien told us he regularly goes for walks to the Pinail Nature Reserve and Moulière Forest.

Grand Châtellerault…

A sensational destination

Grand Châtellerault is full of sensational activities, abseiling to tree climbing Many activities are offered for young and old.

I tried tree climbing with one of my children, it was very fun!

Grand Châtellerault close to everything…

Your advice as a real estate agent

As a real estate agent, we asked Aurélien what the strong points of the area were for him.

Châtellerault is a pleasant little town and Châtelleraudais too, there is everything you need in terms of shops. I find that there are more and more activities to discover and events too. We are close to everything, on major roads and especially the train station. We are quiet and at the same time close to everything if you want to move, there are Tours, Poitiers and even Paris.

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