To the south of Touraine and to the north of Poitou, Creuse has created a wild valley that delights outdoor sports enthusiasts and heritage buffs. This emblematic river has always played a role as a natural border.

Hiking, cycling, restaurants, fishing, treasure hunts, biodiversity walks, heritage visits…

The Aven'Curieux have all the cards in hand to choose their activity within 30 kilometers around.

Take the time to discover
the Creuse valley in 6 stages…

1. Buxeuil

The heritage stage

From the top of his ford, the Roche-Amenon castle watches the turbulent river. This historic monument from the end of the 18th century was built on the foundations of a medieval castle.

Visitors appreciate the main courtyard, the period chapel, the dovecote and the garden planted with remarkable trees (including a rare Himalayan cedar and umbrella pines over 200 years old).

The building takes its name from Lord Amenon de La Roche, owner at 13e century. His descendants sold the castle to the governor of Poitou. The estate then belonged to Louis de Vaucelle and his family, until it was purchased by Isabelle and Benoît Bassi a few decades ago.

How to discover the castle?

• By participating in guided tours (exteriors and the chapel) from July 10 to August 20 (10 a.m.-12 p.m. and 13 p.m.-17 p.m.)

• On the occasion of European Heritage Days in September.

• By sleeping there! The owners installed three lodgings : one in the old farm, another in the apartment on the left wing of the castle and a brand new one in the old stable.

The lodges of La Roche Amenon

Resident's word

Seduced by the preserved landscapes of the Creuse valley, Benoît Bassi becomes owner of the Château de La Roche Amenon in Buxeuil, “comma surrounded by Indre-et-Loire".

President of the Mérimée Foundation, this native of Nantes is inexhaustible on the history of the left bank, its ancient Roman road, its smugglers from the time of the Dukes of Aquitaine, its status as a free zone on the right side of the demarcation line …

There is an incomparable sweetness of life here... In spring, the colors are magnificent! I like to admire the valley from the viewpoints at the top of the surrounding hillsides.

Benoît Bassi’s good tips in Buxeuil

✩ The yogurts of the Frisian cheese factory
✩ Seasonal vegetables at The Alleux Garden

Anecdote… For practical reasons, the town of Buxeuil, although located in Vienne (86), was assigned the postal code 37160, linked to the Descartes post office, and the telephone code 02, instead of 05 everywhere else in New Aquitaine.

2. Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse

The unusual step

Nestled in a tuffeau cliff, the cave village of Saint-Rémy offers a breathtaking panorama of the valley.

Inhabited since the Magdalenian period, these caves are still there today. They also served as protection during invasions at the time of Richard the Lionheart and then as workshops for hemp weavers from the 17the the 19e century.

Our favorites in Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse

✩ The Tèrra Aventura geocaching course The Troglodyte Witch
✩ The restaurant’s homemade fries and shrimp curry The Straw in Tail

3. Leugny

The hiking stage

In the heart of the Guerche forest, ten forest paths meet at a crossroads named The Oak Circle. It is the ideal starting point for hiking, cycling or on horseback, to the sound of the song of finches and robins.

A charming red half-timbered house was once used to welcome lost walkers and hunting crews.

Our favorites in Leugny

✩ The miraculous fountain of Saint-Hilaire
✩ The restaurant’s French toast The Ante Us

4. Mairé

The nature stage

Specialists come from all over France to admire the large population ofwild orchids which appears prominently in thebiodiversity atlas by Mairé.
A seasonal circuit from March to July has been created in honor of the thirty listed species.
We open our eyes wide over the 5 km walk because the queens of the fields are often discovered along the edges of the paths.

The municipality is currently finalizing a nature trail of 3,5 km on the banks of the Creuse. Educational panels will highlight the small heritage while a chain ferry will allow you to cross the river to reach the bank of the Indre et Loire.

Our good deals in Mairé 

✩ Go to micro-adventure from the old port: go up the river canoeing , sleep in a hammock, far from the road and civilization…
✩ Shopping on the weekend at the flea market The Rivals Barn

5. Lésigny-sur-Creuse

The swimming stage

The address sets the tone: Le Bout du Pont. It feels like the end of the world! Behind the trees hides a secret well kept by the locals, a small sandy riverside beach. The plus: supervised natural swimming in July and August.
The adjoining leisure area is free and offers picnic tables, games for children, multi-sports ground, snack bar, etc.

Our favorites in Lésigny-sur-Creuse

✩ The company’s family shows Glob'Trott at the Flour Mill
✩ Fishing spots
✩ The restaurant’s starter buffet The Age of Time and the grocery corner based on local products

6. La Roche-Posay

The thermal stage

The picturesque little medieval town of La Roche-Posay is world famous for the dermatological virtues of its “velvet water”.

Renovated in 2022, the thermal center provides therapeutic cures while the Source Spa offers à la carte treatments and wellness stays.

© La Roche-Posay thermal center


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