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Flavours and Farmer Seeds

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Complexe Sportif de Thuré, 86540 THURE


Thuré Sports Complex
11 Rue du vieux Palais
86540 THURE

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The association Cultivons la Bio-Diversité (CBD) in Poitou-Charentes, which works to promote, develop and safeguard cultivated biodiversity, is inviting you to come along on 12 November to find out more about peasant seeds and what they taste like.
Throughout the day, there will be events, demonstrations and tastings of farm-saved seed products prepared by local restaurateurs, bakers and producers in seven workshops:
- Rassem'Blé
- Carrots: the good mines
- Sunflower Pop' on my plate
- Mushroom Festival
- The apple in all its states
- Blue squash: from raw to cooked, from savoury to sweet
- Maize: A grain of madness

The stand of the association Cultivons la Bio-Diversité en Poitou-Charentes (Let's cultivate bio-diversity in Poitou-Charentes) will also be showcasing a wide range of vegetables, seed plants and beetroot juice of different varieties.
There will also be partnerships with the Thuré Ma Commune au fil de l'Histoire exhibition on local agriculture, the Thuré agricultural college and a stand selling local produce.
A meal based on local produce and farm-saved seeds will be available on reservation.

Information and booking of meals with CBD : [email protected] 06 59 23 93 66


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