Les Ormes

Meet from 14 p.m. at La Poste aux Chevaux, 25-27 route Nationale 10, 86220 Les Ormes.

OT Grand Châtellerault

Welcome to Elms, a hidden treasure in the heart of Grand Châtellerault, where history and natural beauty meet to create an enchanted experience. Let yourself be transported back in time as you explore the treasures of this charming town.

Let's start by discovering Horse Post, an iconic place steeped in history where the region's equestrian past comes to life. Soak up the picturesque atmosphere of the sheepfold, where artisanal know-how meets the softness of green landscapes.
Let's continue your journey with a visit to the magnificent Château des Ormes, a real architectural gem that transports you to the era of lords and princesses. Stroll through the enchanting gardens, admire the majestic facades and marvel at the timeless elegance of this historic gem.

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