As a child, thanks to my farmer grandparents, I was lucky enough to spend every summer on the farm. Collecting warm eggs from the henhouse, feeding the cuddly rabbits, picking ripe strawberries, helping the grown-ups harvest the potatoes... All unforgettable experiences, synonymous with freedom and carefreeness.

So I hope that my sons, Hugo and Arthur, will also create their own memories in their own way". Back to earth ". To this end, I regularly organise farm visits and holidays for the whole family.

Today, I'm taking you out into the countryside for a breath of fresh air, because I've decided to share with you some of my own experiences. five good Agritourism plans gleaned over the last few months...



Stay in a farmhouse inn

Welcome to rural paradise! The woman who holds the keys is Marie-France.

In his Manoir de la BlonnerieHere you can sleep in a former pigeon house, drink organic apple juice from the farm for breakfast, or sample local Poitou dishes.

At Vellèches, my two sons loved playing with Nouky, the house dog, watching the peacock do cartwheels in the courtyard, fishing on the property and, above all, being moved by the new-born lambs!

Networks Welcome to the Farm and Gîtes de France 


Applaud the dramatised tour of an animal site

For 20 years, the company Glob'Trott makes stories in a former flour mill. During the summer months, the artists roll out the green carpet for children for dramatised tours of their animal site. The story goes that a cat in a boot takes visitors to meet the donkeys, chickens and other farm characters. But I won't reveal any more about the tales and legends of Lésigny-sur-Creuse...

In any case, it's a great opportunity to discover a "permaculture" vegetable garden and a troupe's original residence in a rural setting.


Sleep in the heart of a traditional oil mill

Historically, the Vienne has been a flagship département for walnut oil production. Today, only a handful of oil mills carry on the tradition. The one in Lépine family in Availles-en-Châtellerault is one of them. Joffrey has taken up the torch of a business started by his ancestors in 1810.

If you opt for a green holiday, the forty-year-old will show you around his walnut grove and explain all the stages of processing: picking, washing, drying, grading and breaking...

Named Le PressoirThe warm, rustic cottage on the farm can accommodate up to 10 people. As for motorhomers from all over the world, they marvel every time they wake up in the middle of nature, at the foot of the walnut trees. So bucolic!

Networks Gîtes de France and France Passion


Visit an Acadian farm

Comprising some sixty farms built by the local seigneur in 1773, the Acadian Line stretches for twenty kilometres, from Monthoiron to La Puye. This is where many exiles settled after leaving their lands in New Brunswick. Some of these adobe-walled houses are still standing: this is the case in Archigny, where one of them has been converted into a Acadian farm museum.

I highly recommend a stopover in July or August. Dressed in traditional garb, the guide talks in depth about the history, equipment and customs of the farm. Visitors can follow her through the house, the barn, the cowshed and even the vegetable garden. It's a fascinating insight into the life of these 18th-century century!  


Buying direct from producers

Do you want to take the time to meet local farmers, market gardeners and winegrowers, and enjoy farm-fresh produce? I'd advise you to take to the roads of Grand Châtellerault to stock up in the direct sales shops.

Many producers open their doors to the public and offer a wide choice of high-quality food.

My favourite addresses include :

Put on your boots, breathe deeply and open your eyes wide: destination Grand Air, destination Grand Châtellerault!


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