Splash, splash! In the Bordeleau family, I ask...
My two sons and their father swear by the pleasures of the water. So swimming, canoeing and other water sports hold no secrets for me in Grand Châtellerault!
If you're part of the Bordeleau team too, let yourself be tempted by my selection of 6 summer activities...

1. Taking control of an electric boat

In Cenon-sur-Vienne on mini-port appeals to all generations, offering authentic, timeless breaks every summer afternoon. You don't need a driving licence for a relaxing ride on the Vienne. And what a pleasure it is to be at the helm of these silent machines! 
On board, I enjoy watching the wildlife and the fishermen in action. My favourite part: manoeuvring smoothly under the bridge.

My advice:

Arrive at the pointe de Forclan at the end of the morning to picnic on site and be among the first to hire a boat (boarding on a first-come, first-served basis, no reservations possible).

2. White water swimming

Lésigny-sur-Creuse has a leisure area with children's playground, volleyball court, picnic tables and small sandy beach.
This corner of nature nicknamed "The end of the bridge" has a taste of new-found freedom. The highlight of the outing is a natural swim in the river.

My advice: In 2022, opt for the period from 6 August to 4 September, when swimming will be supervised.

3. Embark on an unusual river trip

Captain Desmurs welcomes you aboard his traditional boat, a coastal toue christened Jehan Martin. Depending on the theme chosen, the walk will feature children, nature, sea chanteys or local produce. 
We're particularly impressed by the commentaries, which tell us everything we need to know about the history of the river and the people of Châtellerault.
Departure from the Canal de la Manufacture in Châtellerault or the mini-port in Cenon-sur-Vienne

My advice: If you enjoy sunsets, you should opt for evening walks so you can admire the scenery under a sky ablaze with fire. 

4. Riding down a giant waterslide

From 11 July to 20 August 2022, the forest lake in Châtellerault becomes "the place to be". The star attraction? The AquaSlide, an inflatable structure offering 63 metres of thrilling slides!
You can follow this up with stand-up paddle, kayak, beach volleyball, snowshoeing, archery, climbing, electric scooter... The less adventurous will prefer the pleasures of the beach: swimming, lounging and sand castles on the programme.

My advice: Remember to register your children for the many leisure and cultural activities offered on site by the media library!

5. Enjoy a sandy beach in the shade of trees

Le Crémault park at Bonneuil-Matours offers a bucolic riverside setting. Facing the Vienne, I spread my towel on the fine sand.
It's time to relax and read, while keeping an eye on Arthur in the bath. But don't worry, the bathing area is supervised from 2pm to 7pm in July and August. Hugo has a great time diving from the pontoon while waiting for his swimming lesson. stand-up paddle with his father.
At the end of the afternoon, the whole family can enjoy a game of mini-golf.

My advice: Treat yourself to the lounge bar O'Sofa. Waffles, cocktails and aperitif platters can all be enjoyed curled up on sofas. The perfect way to unwind from the daily grind!

6. Canoeing down the river

The Vienne, the Creuse, the Anglin, the Gartempe... These rivers of Grand Châtellerault invite you to discover their heritage, fauna and flora in a different way. A unique viewpoint.
Sport, cool off, contemplate... it's all possible in a canoe!

Where can I hire equipment?

La Fourmy Canoe 
From Bonneuil-Matours or Saint-Pierre de Maillé

CSAD Châtellerault
From the Quai de Verdun, off Ile Cognet

Les Moulins du Clain
From Naintré

From Angles-sur-l'Anglin

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