Châtellerault is a dynamic town, with something for everyone: culture, heritage, walks, relaxation... We've put together a small selection to guide you in your discovery!

1. Discovering the city using the architectural trail

This is the Holy Grail of discovering the town, these two walking loops show you the monuments and historic sites of Châtellerault. You won't miss a thing!

2. The Manufacture d'Armes de Châtellerault site

A major site in the industrial history of Châtellerault, the Manufacture de Châtellerault site is now home to a multitude of activities. From the Grand Atelierthe ice rink by way of boat trips.

3. The Blossac theatre

A heritage gem, this Italian theatre from the 19th century has been restored to its original condition. You can visit it during the European Heritage Days and on tours organised by the Châtellerault Art and History Centre.

4. Picnics in the parks and gardens of Châtellerault

Châtellerault has a number of parks and gardens, each different from the next, providing an opportunity to enjoy an outdoor picnic and take in the surrounding scenery.

5. Cinemas in Châtellerault

Take advantage of the diversity of cinemas to relax and watch a film with the whole family. "The 400 strokes"is a arthouse cinema Established in Châtellerault in 1970, this community cinema is rated Art & Essai and has been awarded the Young Audiences and Heritage & Repertoire labels. The "Loft cinema"is a 7-screen cinema complex for films in VOST or VF, sometimes in 3D, as well as operas and ballets. Here you can see all the big films on the bill.

6. The churches of Châtellerault

Enjoy the architecture and history of Châtellerault's churches, including :

  • L'Saint-Jacques de Compostelle church on the historic route to Santiago de Compostela, was built in 1008 and completely restored in 1858. It is famous among pilgrims for its magnificent statue of Santiago de Compostela. Its 52-bell carillon is one of the most remarkable in France.
  • L'Saint Jean Baptiste church The church has a distinctive blend of Romanesque and Gothic architecture, and has been modified and enlarged over the centuries. Its entrance has also been altered to open onto Boulevard Blossac.
  • L'Saint John the Evangelist church Built in the 19th century, it is best known for its Russian bell, a gift from Tsar Nicholas II.

7. The banks of the Vienne

Take the time to stroll along the banks of the Vienne in Châtellerault, enjoy the facilities near the Assessor and stroll around the Île Cognet.

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