Today I'm setting sail on the Vienne again, and I'm going to get my sea legs! And yes, I'm discovering one of Châtellerault's flagship activities: a boat trip aboard the Jehan Martin. The name already makes me want to travel...

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Embarkation takes place directly on the canal of the Manufacture de Châtellerault industrial siteI was immediately immersed in the city and its history. From the car park where I parked my van, next to the Musée Le Grand AtelierI can spot the starting point straight away thanks to the Vilmouth TowersThese two large chimneys can be climbed for an unrivalled view of the surrounding countryside. Châtellerault.

A little further on, I can see the cable car moored on the canal. I've never seen a boat like it, and the look of it, all dressed in wood, is so charming that all I want to do is go for a walk! On arrival, I was warmly welcomed by Bruno and Carole, the captain and his cabin boy. They explain that the Jehan Martinis a wooden boat about ten metres long that was once used for fishing and river transport.

So it's the Jehan Martin, pleasure boat which will allow me to discover the city from another angle. I settled comfortably on board and was pleasantly surprised by the silence of the engines. The sight of the water instantly made me relax. It's an hour of change of scenery and slow tourism waiting for me. The trees go by, their reflections on the water soothing me. I'm also discovering flora and fauna that I hadn't imagined. 

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The captain tells us aboutthe maritime and industrial history of Châtellerault and the surrounding area, punctuated by a few anecdotes that will stay with me forever. Arriving at Cenon-sur-VienneIt's time to go back, already... Time seemed to stand still.

Young and old alike will have enjoyed this simple moment combining history and relaxation aboard the unusual craft ! Different themes are on offer to help you spend a few hours out of time. I strongly advise you to call Carole and Bruno for more information. book your trip. You can also privatise the boat for a family or business event, or simply for an hour or two with friends!

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