Lana Asaad, a former Iraqi-Kurdish journalist, opened her vegetarian tearoom "Citron et Cerise" in 2019 in Châtellerault. An emblematic figure in the town, come and discover her passion for cakes. Certified 100% home-made pastries, in a cosy interior.

Hello Lana, you have a
atypical story. After being a
a major journalist in Iraq, you decided
to move to Châtellerault. Why
choose to live here?

Lana: I was lucky enough to be able to leave
my country during the war and I chose to
come to France, because this is where I spent my childhood.
a wonderful holiday with my family.
After being invited to stay with friends who
live in Châtellerault, I decided to move there.
install. I think it's a beautiful town,
the people of Chatellerault are very welcoming and I
I've never felt a stranger to it.

You have had an amazing and atypical career. Can you tell us where you came from?
the idea of setting up your own tea room?

Lana: I've always been passionate about
pastry-making. I like to play with flour
sugar, chocolate. I love smelling
coffee, butter and, above all, to smell the
delicious smell of cakes coming out
from the oven. Pastry-making is also the art of
create: I lead a dance between all my
ingredients until you get news
innovative flavours. My secret is
I try out new recipes every day
and I only use ingredients and ingredients
flavours that I love. I would like to thank
Soroptimist Club, the Chambre des Métiers, the
All those who have helped and guided me in this new direction.

Hm, that makes us want to taste
your cakes in any case. And what is
your greatest joy?

Your words are truly inspiring.
If you were a season, what would it be?
would you be?

Lana: My greatest joy is observing-
the pleasure of the people who come
taste my pastries. Nothing makes me
than to see the smiles and the laughter of the

looks filled with greed. The re
positive feedback from my customers is the reason
to get up every morning. This is the result
of all the hours I spend in my
and it's really rewarding.

Lana: Winter is for me the most beautiful
season: I love walking in the rain and
then warm up under a thick blanket
drinking a hot chocolate in the corner of
my fireplace. Early in the morning, around 4 o'clock,
when I take the road to get to
in my tea room, I can smell the frosty freshness
mingled with the smell of hot bread coming out of the oven.
the bakery. These are moments
secrets that I only feel in winter.
In fact, my favourite holiday is Christmas!
It's magical, with all these lights, the
children excited by this magical atmosphere.
I really love this time of year.

Finally, if you had to create a Christmas cake, what would it be?

Lana: Winter cakes are generally more indulgent and comforting. Chocolate is the "master" of winter. I'd pair it with cinnamon and orange. It's a lovely winter combination. Alternatively, I'd make caramel and chocolate cupcakes with a nice Christmas green tea.

Lemon Cherry

Thank you for all your answers, which made our mouths water!

Lemon & Cherry Tea Room

51 rue Bourbon 86100 Châtellerault

05 16 17 11 79

Open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am to 6.30pm (6pm on Sundays)


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