In the footsteps of the Acadian Odyssey in Poitou

To mark the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the Acadians in Poitou, I'd like to take you on a tour of the surprising history of these people. Françoise Glain To help me set up this tour, I called on Françoise Glain, who has written two books on this colony and designed a game of goose on the subject.

Héloise Dallez

Our winter holiday tips

Looking for family activities or just something to do for an afternoon during the February holidays? We've tested 7 must-do holiday activities for you. 


Not to be missed in Châtellerault

Châtellerault is a dynamic town, with something for everyone: culture, heritage, walks, relaxation... We've put together a small selection to guide you in your discovery! 1. Discovering the town on the architectural trail This is the Holy Grail of discovering the town: these two walking trails will take you through the...


All crazy about history

From prehistory to the 20th century, via the Middle Ages, Ancient Rome and the Renaissance, I'm taking my husband and two sons on a journey into the past of Grand Châtellerault. If you too are part of the "FousdHistoire family", let yourself be tempted by my 6 heritage recommendations... 1. Immerse yourself in the...

Héloise Dallez

Geocaching in cave dwellings

The summer holidays are here and I've promised my offspring that I'll spend some time with each of them. At the beginning of July, I'm taking Hugo, my history-loving teenager, to follow in the footsteps of Richard the Lionheart at Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse. During the Hundred Years' War, this unusual village was used as a fortress by the heir to the throne of England against...

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Along the water in Bonneuil-Matours

In September, I took advantage of the Indian summer to make Hugo's wish come true. After several kayak outings, my teenager had his eye on another water sports activity, stand-up paddle. A few enquiries later and we were off to La Fourmy Canoë in Bonneuil-Matours. Get up, stand up! The leisure centre is located on the banks of the Vienne river,...

Héloise Dallez

Les Ormes: the highlight of the show 2/2

Last week, remember, I was in the village of Les Ormes with an outstanding guide, Catherine Puglia. Today, on the eve of the 2020 European Heritage Days, we're rounding off our visit with an exceptional monument, the cradle of brilliant intellectual activity during the Age of Enlightenment. "The town's history is inextricably linked to that of its castle", I remind myself...

Héloise Dallez

Les Ormes: the chef's surprise 1/2

Today, as promised in my article on the most beautiful Instagram spots, I'm taking you on a tour of Les Ormes, on the doorstep of the Poitou and Touraine regions. I chose this little commune of 1,700 inhabitants because its heritage could make many big cities green with envy. So, to make the most of its many riches, I asked...

Héloise Dallez

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