You pace the Way of Saint-Jacques Compostela and pass into the territory of Grand Châtellerault ? In this space you will find all the information we have to help you carry out your pilgrimage in the best conditions.

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From Port de Piles to Châtellerault

From Châtellerault to Poitiers

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Find the continuation of the route

Do not hesitate to consult the website of the Friends of Saint Jacques in Vienne

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Jacquaire de Châtellerault stop

Presentation of the mandatory credentials

Location: 14, rue Sully 86100 Châtellerault

Maximum duration: 1 night

Capacity: 5 beds including 1 PMR

Price: €8.26 (tourist tax included)

Opening period: April 1 to October 31

Reservation at the Tourist Office, 1 place Sainte Catherine 86100 Châtellerault – 05 49 21 05 47. Handover of keys only during opening hours of the Châtellerault Tourist Office

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Where to stamp the credential?

The credential or credential is the pilgrim's passport on which he lists all the stamps during his passage through the cities.

The credential is stamped at the Tourist Office of Châtellerault and Dangé-saint-Romain

Is there a grocery store/supermarket on my way (being in Châtellerault)?

From the office, there is the Monoprix 5 minutes away on foot, you also have several bakeries and restaurants.

Direction the Chillou campsite: Super U, at the traffic lights after the railway bridge, on the left.

Where can I fill my bottle?

The tourist office of Châtellerault and Dangé-Saint-Romain invites you to fill your bottle. Don’t hesitate to ask the businesses on your way, if necessary.

Where to find toilets?

The Châtellerault and Dangé-saint-Romain tourist office offers you access to the WC. Do not hesitate to ask town halls for access to public toilets or to consult the map.

Is there a reception or dormitory at the presbytery of Châtellerault (at the church of Jacques – at the end of rue Bourbon)?

There are hours at the rectory of the presbytery of the St Jacques Church, however it is not always open. No dormitory.

I couldn't find accommodation?

Contact us on 05 49 21 05 49 so that we can contact individuals likely to welcome you.

It is best to notify the day before your arrival, or at the latest in the morning, particularly if it is a homestay.

Otherwise, call the association: 07 81 38 15 23

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