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Commit your event to a sustainable development approach!

Based on concrete actions, any type of event organizer can be part of a sustainable development approach; with the objectives of:

  • reduce negative impacts on the environment;
  • promote the actions carried out;
  • give ideas for actions, be a real guide for the organizer;
  • make you want to go further;
  • enhance the image and notoriety of the event;
  • make savings on certain items;
  • and why not, obtain funding!

For a 100% sustainable event

Depending on the theme, you will find concrete actions to implement below!


  • I optimize the quantities and formats of printed matter
  • My website has a “sustainable development” section.
  • My printer is committed to the environment
  • My printer is part of the social and solidarity economy
  • My printer uses vegetable inks
  • I use recycled or eco-labeled paper
  • I use light weight paper
  • I limit the colors, I favor the front / back
  • I mainly use dematerialized communication media
  • I use reusable signage
  • I do not offer non-eco-responsible gadgets
  • I optimize my dematerialized communication


  • I make sure that there is no more waste on the site after the event
  • I quantify my waste
  • I sort my waste into two streams
  • I sort according to additional feeds
  • My bio-waste is recycled
  • I partially use reusable cups
  • I only use reusable cups
  • I install ashtrays
  • I use washable dishes
  • I use compostable tableware with its recovery channel
  • I don't use tablecloths or my tablecloths are durable
  • I use compostable tablecloths
  • I make sure to reduce the impact of my drink containers
  • I make sure to reduce the impacts of food containers
  • Devices are available to you:


  • I use more than 3 local ingredients
  • I mainly use local ingredients
  • I use more than 3 organic ingredients
  • I offer an organic alternative menu
  • I mainly use organic ingredients
  • I use more than 3 fresh ingredients
  • I mainly use fresh ingredients
  • I offer a low-meat menu
  • My audience has access to a vegetarian meal
  • I offer tap water to the public
  • I use at least one fair trade product
  • I optimize the management of ordered quantities
  • Uneaten food products are redistributed
  • I fight against food waste


  • I inform my audience about public transport networks
  • I encourage my audience to carpool
  • I inform my audience about cycle networks
  • I encourage organizers and volunteers to use ecological transport
  • I plan bicycle parking
  • I provide monitored bicycle parking
  • I am planning an event around cycling
  • I encourage carpooling through concrete actions
  • I organize shuttles
  • The location has easy access by public transport.
  • I am setting up privileged parking for carpoolers
  • I provide privileged parking for people with reduced mobility
  • I reward participants who use gentle modes of transport
  • The organizing team favors soft modes of transport

Global management and societal actions

  • I appoint a sustainable development manager
  • I am planning an environment team during the event
  • I write sustainable development specifications for my service providers
  • I select eco-responsible service providers
  • I don't use chemical toilets
  • I use eco-labeled cleaning products
  • I share and pool my material
  • I favor rented, manufactured, second-hand and/or reuse items.
  • I put in place at least 3 sustainable development indicators
  • I implement all relevant sustainable development indicators
  • I systematize my improvement approach
  • I put in place all the facilities for people with reduced mobility
  • My event accepts local currency
  • My structure chose an ethical bank
  • I offset part or all of my greenhouse gas emissions
  • My event offers a solidarity rate
  • I am attentive to the well-being of my volunteers
  • The purpose of my event is linked to SD
  • My event is consistent with the challenges of the natural environment
  • I implement actions to reduce the public's impacts on the natural environment


  • I raise awareness among volunteers and organizers of eco-responsible practices
  • I inform and raise public awareness of the measures put in place
  • I am planning events on eco-citizenship
  • I raise awareness about food waste
  • I raise awareness of the environmental impacts of food
  • I raise awareness among service providers of the sustainable development approach
  • I raise awareness among sponsors/partners of the sustainable development approach
  • I involve my event in a charitable action


  • I make sure not to waste energy
  • I reduce the use of generators
  • My lighting is essentially low consumption
  • I am planning an event on renewable energies

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