Grand Châtellerault, well-being destination

My 5 tips for taking care of yourself

In January, motivated by good resolutions and tired by the excesses of the holidays, we aspire to take care of ourselves. Me first! Convinced that you can relax without changing continent, I decided to share with you five tips to apply in Grand Châtellerault. Like its spa resort La Roche-Posay, Grand Châtellerault has become a well-being destination.

"Zen, let's be Zen ..."


Thanks to a walk in the Director's Garden in Châtellerault, I feel like at the end of the world. In Saint-Rémy-sur-Creuse, a hike along the troglodyte cliffs is sure to change my mind. On the edge of Vienne, the site of the Chitré mill invites you to dream ... And since it sometimes feels good to escape everyday tasks by leaving home for a few days, I highly recommend an internship or a retreat at L’Atelier des Sources. In the adorable village of Angles-sur-d'Anglin, Emmanuelle and Joël have transformed a former police station into a cocoon conducive to reflection and relaxation. In this intimate and warm place, the visitor tries out Tai chi, yoga or even cabinetmaking.


Grand Châtellerault offers a wide range of well-being activities. You may already know the benefits of a sauna or hammam session, body and energy massages, meditation and sophrology sessions ... Last summer, I had the chance to discover sylvotherapy. These forest baths, guided by Bellinda and François, allow you to enjoy nature without worrying about the path to follow. An enchanted and anti-stress break in the great outdoors. This year my son Arthur, soon to be 5 years old, will be testing equitherapy. Having noticed how the relationship with the horse brought him serenity, I contacted the natural equestrian farm of Grillauts where Lise le Saulnier and the association Bien dans mes Sabots organize individual or group sessions. To each his own method to feel calm and in great shape ...

©Ferme équestre des Grillaults


I like to do my shopping while strolling through the markets and among the producers. Composing balanced menus and favoring short circuits, such is my winning recipe. But my secret to well-being is to always keep a food for pleasure, from a taste point of view as from an aesthetic point of view. I give you my two favorites: • Jean-Claude Berton’s Omegachoco tablets won the gold medal at the International Innovation Fair in Geneva, “Food and Health” category. In his laboratory in Availles-en-Châtellerault, the master craftsman was inspired by the origins of chocolate since, in the 19th century, it was made by pharmacists! Result: good, organic and nutritional. • BO Primeurs fruit cakes are revolutionizing desserts. On the strength of his apprenticeship with the supplier of the Elysée Palace in Paris, Omar now delights the taste buds and the pupils of his clients in the Châtelleraud region. Its grocery store in the Châteauneuf district should soon expand to accommodate a juice bar. The vitamins and the detox are ours!

©BO Primeurs


Well-being also depends on the quality of the products that we use for pampering. Learning how to make them yourself is an effective option, to limit allergic ingredients for example. In Châtellerault, I get my supplies from the Larmignat herbalist shop, in business since 1937. Clays, essential oils, vegetable oils, floral waters… Everything is there to help you concoct your essences.


JI just told you about my apprenticeship at L’Atelier de Pacou. But I haven't yet told you how the whole family has become a fan of the eco-responsible range developed by the Châtelleraudaise. My darling has adopted the Gourmand soap (sweet orange, spearmint), Hugo the Mine de Lumière exfoliant and Arthur the P’tite Plume solid shampoo. A year ago, I also discovered the work of Louis Moreau. The latter has installed his artisanal soap factory in Coussay-les-Bois. La Fabrique des Lauriers first won me over with its Extra Pure soaps, made from organic vegetable oils cooked in a cauldron. Today, I'm also loyal to her 100% biodegradable soap laundry. All these products are on sale at the Tourist Office shop in Châtellerault.

In Grand Châtellerault, life is naturally sweet. Take the time to recharge your batteries ...