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Châtellerault was once a royal town. This tour recounts a rich and little-known historical past. Meet one of King Henry IV’s ministers, pilgrims, seamen, and an extraordinary priest. Unique places such as the Manu, church of Saint-Jacques and Henri IV bridge. You can also hear commentary of the battle of 732 with the audio guide which follows you through the Moussais site in Vouneuil-sur Vienne.

An audioguide is at your disposal here to browse the city of Châtellerault.


Pays d'Art et d'Histoire

Chatellerault has been awarded the label ‘Villes et Pays d’art et d’histoire’ (‘Towns and Districts noted for their art and history’). Throughout the year the local office promotes the heritage of the area by means of events such as visits, workshops, lectures and exhibitions for local residents, visitors and school children.


Visa Entreprises

Grand Châtellerault is the biggest industrial area in Poitou-Charentes. Industries, craftsmen and food companies open their doors to the general public. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about their expertise and products.


The Greeters of Grand Châtellerault ar volunteers and passionate inhabitants of their territory. They welcome you as if they were friends during a walk nd a real friendly encounter free. The walks are not programmed in advance, they are all unique, for you according to your availabilities. Contact them for a unique ride!

Monument Tracker

Wander about on foot or a bike with your smartphone in your pocket: the monuments are automatically recognised and you are invited to learn more about their history. It’s a fun way to learn while you’re wandering about, and with no research on your part. It’s the perfect tourist guide for wandering visitors.

Download the application Monument Tracker Châtelleraudais Guide on  Google Play ou Apple Store.


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