Châtellerault naturally

Charm and tranquility

Feel like getting away from it all? Stop in our area and discover a truly peaceful haven.

Come and explore calm rivers, peaceful countryside, and beautiful flora and fauna. Choose from a range of activities and recharge your batteries in a peaceful setting in the great outdoors: activity centres, canoes, hiking and much more.

Water plays a major role in the life of a Grand Châtellerault area. The rivers each make their own contribution to life in the valley: some twist and turn joyously lined by high magnificent limestone cliffs. Older, more sedate rivers are less impetuous, rippling calmly through the countryside, sometimes surrounded by high cliffs where man has built castles, sometimes free to stretch out into picturesque green valleys, other flowing peacefully into a distant panorama. Ideal for canoeing in constantly changing, but always enchanting, landscapes. Perfect for learning or a day out with the family, everyone can try it. The rivers - amusing or technically challenging, calm or tumultuous - transport you through an untouched environment where nature rubs shoulders with history. Fishermen also meet in our calm, abundant waters, for relaxation or for sport.

The authentic charm of hiking in Grand Châtellerault: a variety of hiking trails in summer and winter, for all ages in a magnificent preserved natural setting.

On foot, on horseback, in a carriage, on a bike, on trails and roads, in a canoe or on the river banks, the Grand Châtellerault area has something for everyone. What an experience! Hiking is undoubtedly the best way to explore the area. Venture into the heart of the land, meet the local residents and take time to discover all our secrets...


Discover all the natural sites of Grand Châtellerault

The numerous forests, hanging on the hills, on the banks of the river, lying on the plateaus, also punctuate the plains, they deliver their treasures to hikers: superb panoramas on the valley and the surrounding villages, numerous fountains, ponds and many other unexpected and yet essential riches such as the Pinail nature reserve, space shaped by man since the highest antiquity and became a protected space with remarkable flora and fauna. The tree-to-tree adventure, in complete safety with the cropping courses, where the forest is really different from its peaks; Châtellerault and its surroundings offer themselves to new looks thanks to the courses and games in canopy. The trees are also ideal for overnight stays close to the starry skies and the wild fauna that inhabit the forests.

To enjoy the sweetness of life, the riverbanks and clearings offer, among other places, resting places, supervised bathing, playgrounds…