Season your stay

A message for all gourmets: whether you have the appetite of a bird or a gargantuan hunger, it’s time to tickle your taste buds.

Chocolate, jam, pastries, “broyé” cake, melon, beer...all products concocted and proposed by locals who love their land and who perpetuate their gastronomic tradition, ensuring quality and following the latest trends. Local resources, organic products, authentic recipes, local tours with a mosaic of flavours to explore.

Epicures, gourmets, gastronomes, the curious and connoisseurs will relish meeting producers, shopkeepers, restaurant owners and visiting farms, shops, restaurants and markets.

A stay in Grand Châtellerault is the ideal opportunity to discover and rediscover the flavours of your childhood, to learn new recipes, taste and compare...and generally treat yourself!


Discover the good tables of Grand Châtellerault