Looking down over Grand Châtellerault

Take height

Do you want to get some height? Take off in a hot-air balloon, microlight, plane or helicopter and admire the amazing panoramas of our plains.

There are plenty of other activities to choose from: tree houses, bird-watching and incredible constructions on the edge of cliffs.

A message for altitude-enthusiasts: it’s time for a shot of adrenalin and thrills with a chance to see things from a special observation point. All year round with professional operators:

  • Hot-air balloon flights leave from multiple sites including Châtellerault, the aerostation capital. Feel the fabulous freedom of being carried along by the wind on this adventure, observing nature and historical sites from the sky. A range of services and activities: transfer to the flight path, blowing up the balloon, qualifying courses, and more.


  • Plane, microlight and helicopter flights from different airfields in the area. Choose between thrills and gentle caresses in the air to take in magnificent panoramas of plains and plateaus and deep, wide valleys with stunning views over monuments and natural sites.


  • If you would prefer to keep your feet firmly on the ground... Try an adventure park and see the forest from a different point of view. Get a new perspective of Châtellerault and the surroundings from the canopy of the trees. There are also tree houses ideal for spending a night as close as possible to the stars and amongst wildlife in the forest.


Discover all the activities to see Grand Châtellerault from above