On the water

Vienne, Gartempe, Creuse - all aboard to discover our rivers!

The Vienne and the Creuse with their main tributaries, the Clain and the Envigne, the Gartempe and the Anglin wind their way across the Grand Châtellerault area. Small, free flowing and wild...larger, majestic and sometimes rebellious, they are the root of the area’s lifestyle and unique heritage. Banks, embankments, washhouses, ferries and bridges, dams and mills are scattered along the way.

In the past, the tempo of life was set by floating wood, the transport of mill stones, raw products and other goods... The magnificent confluences, islands and peninsulas, meanderings and circumvolutions are constant reminders of the omnipresent rivers, mostly flowing from the foothills of the Massif Central to go via the Creuse, then the Vienne, into the Loire river before joining the ocean.

Discover the Châtellerault area from the water

Today you can explore the area, our heritage, landscapes, flora and fauna from a new perspective, seen from the water. Large and narrow valleys, gently sloping banks and steep cliffs, bent trees leaning from the banks, castles, mills, bridges...

You may also cross paths with beavers and their cousins, the coypus, or with eels and salmon, herons and kingfishers, water spiders and dragonflies, yellow buttercups and water lilies, weeping willows and poplars. Ideal for enjoying the calm and serenity of preserved natural areas, the rivers are more or less marked by man’s activity, and some even more challenging to cross.

The rivers’ courses are varied, suitable either for simply wandering or for more sporty activities, alone, with your family or friends, with a guide or without. For more sporty itineraries with canoes and kayaks: the Anglin, Vienne, Creuse and Gartempe. The more reflective and cultural: on barges with a cabin leaving from the Manu in Châtellerault, or more freely with total peace of mind at the helm of an electric boat from the small port of Cenon-sur-Vienne.



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