The Acadians

The story of a return trip

Are you intrigued by Acadian culture? Do you want to learn more about your ancestors’ history?

Travel back in time with the epic of the Acadians and their return home.

A real change of scenery with the Acadians of Grand Châtellerault.

Learning about the Acadians is a chance to travel through time and space to discover a period of a little-known episode of our country’s history.

It is the moving story of families who left France for the New World, and were then torn away from their adopted land to start again in Poitou. On their return they worked the land in a refuge guided by a brilliant 18th-century philosopher and economist.

More than a journey through time, it is an encounter with these men and women, their culture, coloured by many influences. It is the story of a way of life which crossed the Atlantic to take root in a place governed by an innovative philosopher for the time.