What is a guest card?

Carte d'hôtes

The guest card is essential for exclusive benefits.

Where can I get a guest card?

This card will be given to you by your host on your arrival.

What does it look like?

The guest card looks like a bank card.

It is nominative, free and contains sections that must be completed: your last name, first name, date and the place where you are staying. 

Warning: if these sections are not completed, you will not have access to the benefits offered in this leaflet.
The card is unique, it will not be replaced if you lose it.

Who can get one?

Anyone (18 years old and up) staying for a fee for at least one night in Châtellerault Country

What are the advantages?

The benefits provided by the guest card are detailed in the leaflet.

You benefit from the advantages offered by each "card partner".

The only condition is to present your duly completed guest card. Checks may be conducted.