What is the Country of Art and History?

Since 2012, Chatellerault Country belongs to the national network of Cities and Countries of Art and History.

What is the label of the Country of Art and History?

This label is awarded by the Ministry of Culture to local authorities that engage in an active process of knowledge, conservation, heritage mediation and the improvement of architectural quality and living environment.

The objectives of the label:

- put heritage at the heart of the local areas development policy
- raise the awareness of the inhabitants on architecture and heritage
- initiate the young audience through sensitive and active discoveries
- develop quality cultural tourism

The heritage of Châtellerault Country is...

- the Vienne, a river that has shaped landscapes and that men have tamed by building bridges and mills... which has generated traditional skills: inland waterway shipping, manufacture of cutlery, etc...

- the industrial heritage, which characterises urban and rural landscapes:
The Châtellerault Arms Factory, the former Coindres cutlery factory in Naintré, the many grain mills...

- the built heritage that reflects 2,000 years of art and history, from the Gallo-Roman theatre of Vieux-Poitiers, to the Italian theatre of Châtellerault. Châtellerault Country, an economic, political and religious crossroads, is distinguished by the wealth of its churches, mansions, manors and châteaus.

 - the small heritage buildings dotted throughout the unchanging villages of the territory: dovecotes, farms, traditional materials ... that make the charm and identity of Châtellerault.

All year round it offers a programme of heritage activities in various forms: discovery tours, excursions, hikes, games, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, storytelling...