Prepare yourself for an unforgettable cycling adventure in the heart of Grand Châtellerault! Get on your bike and let the pedals take you to new horizons! magnificent walks through breathtaking landscapes.

Here, a twenty or so loops ready to reveal the hidden treasures and the secrets of the world. the rich heritage of our region. Whether you're a keen cyclist or simply looking for something new to discover, these routes are designed to satisfy for all levels and all tastes.

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Find out which routes have been awarded the "Land of Games 2024" label in the Grand Duchy.
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Pedal along winding trails, along quiet roads or through country lanes. Let the gentle breeze caress your face as you explore diverse landscapes, mixing verdant plains, picturesque valleys, sparkling rivers and majestic hills.

Every pedal stroke brings you closer to a unique sensory experience. Open your eyes wide and marvel at the natural beauty unfolding before you. Fields of colourful flowers and lush orchards will make you understand why our region is so special.

When we set off early in the morning, when we set off on the roads... on our bicycles...

But your trip isn't just about nature. Along the way, you'll discover heritage gems that bear witness to the history and culture of Grand Châtellerault. From majestic châteaux to picturesque villages and centuries-old churches, every kilometre you travel is an opportunity to immerse yourself in our rich past.

Take the time to stop off at the charming villages you pass along the way. Meet the friendly locals, sample the local flavours and soak up the authenticity of our region. The breaks are an invitation to relax, contemplate and connect with the soul of Grand Châtellerault.

So don't delay! Get on your bike, put on your helmet and set off on an adventure. Let your passion for cycling blossom as you pedal.

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