Green resorts

1st ecotourism label of France

What is a green station?

In the countryside, in the mountains, near the coast or overseas, a Green Station is a tourist destination for recreation and vacation, recognized nationally as an organized resort, offering services and pleasures in the universe. nature :

  • a respected and preserved nature
  • a range of stays to decline according to the desires
  • places and activities to live and share
  • a gateway to the terroirs

A green station is:

  • A village to propose a permanent and organized offer of leisure
  • A destination that respects the environment
  • A Tourist Office organizing reception and information
  • 200 beds in various accommodations
  • services, shops, playgrounds, maintained and flowered spaces
  • leisure equipment (swimming, games, sports, trails)
  • discovery areas: nature, visits, products to taste

The charter of this label created in 1964, and of which Bonneuil-Matours and Vouneuil-sur-Vienne have been signatories since 2009, promote the choice of tourist destinations with controlled development.


The town is home on its territory the two main natural entities of the department, namely the watercourse of the Vienne and part of the Moulière Forest. From an identity point of view, the suspension bridge that connects the departmental 749 with the town center represents the founding element of the image of Bonneuil-Matours. In a hilly landscape, opportunities for relaxation and recreation are not lacking. We can begin the visit by the Church of St. Peter located in the heart of the town center, then go up the paved streets to reach the central square of the village, where we join the Maurice Fombeure Museum. For those who prefer a nature moment, Moulière Forest extends west of the communal lands and offers many hiking opportunities. Crémault Park, a vast green space on the edge of Vienna, has been built for all audiences and allows the town to attract many visitors in summer. Finally, Bonneuil Matours is part of a larger tourist group, that of La Vallée de la Vienne. This area rich in natural and architectural heritage is easily discovered by bike thanks to the development of a road bike, "La Vienne à Vélo".



It is a rural municipality located in the heart of the Vienne valley. Its two thousand inhabitants benefit from an exceptional living environment. Indeed, the territory is home to the only National Nature Reserve of the department. The Pinail Nature Reserve unveils a landscape of more than 3000 pools scattered in the Lande and is home to remarkable biodiversity. The visitor who came to Vouneuil can leave only enriched by his stay. He will learn the history of the town through the path of discovery of the Pierre Meulière, or visiting the museum space of the Mill Chitré, or by visiting the site of 732, The Battle of Poitiers. Between environment, history and culture, the commune of Vouneuil-sur-Vienne is an astonishing concentrate of discoveries in the department of Vienne.