A true showcase of the territory, LA Boutique de Grand Châtellerault is present in all the tourist information offices of Grand Châtellerault.

THE Grand Châtellerault Boutique is made up of local products highlighting the know-how of our artisansartists ou local and is based on the principle of short circuit. Food products, drinks, craftswell-being, bookstore, all products come from Grand Châtellerault and Poitou.

You live Grand Châtellerault and go visit some as a group or in family, why not take with you a local specialty to be discovered? Or you are on vacation in the region and want to treat yourself or leave with a local souvenir, our shops are full ofgift ideas !

Throughout the year, our team also supports you in making garnished baskets: for your friends, your colleagues, for the end of year celebrations, a going away gift, etc., consult our catalog for a overview of the products available, whether in basket or individually.

You can place an order using the voucher at the bottom of the page, but also do so directly in one of our tourist offices or contact us for custom tailoring: [email protected]

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Discover all our local product shops in the tourist information offices of Grand Châtellerault.

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