Terra Aventura

The incredible treasure hunt !

Tèrra Aventura, c’est une balade originale, qui permet de découvrir le territoire tout en jouant !

With Tèrra Aventura and its 100% free App, set off on an adventure to discover one of New Aquitaine’s 300 treasure hunt trails! Get ready to be surprised ! Des indices à relever, des énigmes à résoudre et un trésor à chercher, l’excitation de trouver le graal : les Poï’z ! Ce sont de petits personnages à fort caractère qui peuplent l’univers de « Terra Aventura », vous guident et leurs badges sont à collectionner.

TerraAventura Cache

A treasure hunt for everyone 

Tèrra aventura is a great way to explore New Aquitaine and to discover geocaching. The Tèrra aventura universe is captivating! 

Containers called "caches" are hidden here and about. The aim of the game ? To discover the caches and find the treasure they contain !

Tiny creatures called  Poï’z live in the Tèrra Aventura caches. Collect all the poï’z badges! How? Simply choose one of the 200 Terra Aventura trails and let the App guide you : answer the different questions on your way, and find the treasure!  

The App makes it simple !

  • 1- DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION. It is free and user-friendly. 
  • 2- CHOOSE YOUR TRAIL. Select a trail by choosing a theme, a level or an area. You can also have a look at how long each cache lasts and choose according to the time you wish to spend hunting for the treasure!  The, simply download the trail and off you go !
  • 3- SET OFF FOR AN ADVENTURE ! Click on the  « Start » button. You’ll be able to visualize your position on the map and go from one step to the next. Enter the answers to the questions as you go along. The application makes it quite simple! Just let it guide you! If your answers are correct, the cache GPS coordinates will appear  and the app will lead you to the treasure!

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