37 kilometres of greenway await you! La green line also known as Sylvain Chavanel track is a former railway linenow devoted solely to walking or cycling.

It's an opportunity to discover the rich heritage of the area, including the Tour du Haut Clairvaux and the Ensemble Conventuel in Lencloître. It's also an opportunity to take a picnic break in Scorbé-Clairvaux, Lencloître or Savigny-sous-Faye and discover the history of this former railway line and its environment while having fun along the way.

When your spirits are low, when the day seems dark, when work becomes monotonous, when there's no hope, hop on a bike and ride without thinking about anything other than the path you're taking.

Numerous information and discovery panels have been set up along the 37 km of track to guide you. You will learn how the uncle of the Tsar of Russia, Generals Joffre and Gallieni made this line famous.

You will discover the titanic work carried out by the rail workers to pierce the Poitevin terroir and the railway heritage inherited from this golden age. You'll learn all about the miracle of seeds and how they can be transported free of charge, how nature has reclaimed space and how hares, woodpeckers and badgers have taken refuge in this haven of greenery. You'll be able to peck at blackberries, walnuts and cherries depending on the season, and test your knowledge thanks to an original system of fun terminals.